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  • Pants/shorts/jumper/skirt: navy blue
  • Shoes: black recommended (shoes must be closed-toe and closed heel – NO SANDALS); tennis shoes are okay
  • Blouse: white or navy blue with collar, no writing
  • Accessories: no makeup, no large, inappropriate jewelry (such as hoop or large earrings, gang affiliated items)


  • Shirt: white or navy blue with a collar (must be worn inside pants/shorts), no writing
  • Pants/shorts: navy blue with black belt (no baggy shorts)
  • Shoes: black recommended (not open toes), tennis shoes are okay;
  • Accessories: no inappropriate jewelry (such as earrings or gang affiliated items)

No restrictions on brand or styles.
No requirements for outerwear: sweaters, jackets, coats, etc.

Pomona t-shirts, sold by PTA, can be worn on Pride Day (Wednesdays) and also for field trips. It is not considered part of the school uniform, except on these two occasions.  Friday we wear our "college gear" and all students are invited to wear a college or university shirt with their uniform pants.